East Coast Foundation Company
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East Coast Foundation Services
Mini Mixer
The mini-mixer is often hired to provide access to tight locations and allows the ability to deliver concrete over a load limit bridge. It can also be hired for delivery to an island location, being transported over on a barge.
We have three cranes available for multiple projects. They are used to transport our aluminum panels and foundation materials to job sites. They also are often hired to set rafters, beams and trusses, pre-fab panels, chimney caps, hot tubs and signs. We use radio remote control.  
Boom Pump Truck

Trailer Pump
The trailer pump is for jobs that do not require the boom pump. It is also useful for slab pours which have an existing house over it. This provides the ability to go through a window or door at one end of the foundation and run enough pipe to reach the far end.
We now have two boom pump trucks to ensure there is no job we are unable to access due to obstacles such as buildings, trees, and pour height.